This is the awkward moment where I try to tell you something about myself. To be honest I have held so many different labels in my life I don’t know where to start. I’ve used son, friend, student, sailor, veteran, mechanic, father, husband, transgender, musician, public speaker, and as of more recently, stand-up comic, and author. While all of those could describe me at one time or the other, I think the best answer to who I am is also the most vague. I simply am… Me…

I recently started writing transgender fiction, why transgender one might ask? For quite a few reasons actually. Too often, transgender individuals have long been portrayed as a joke, or a punchline in media. On the far end of the spectrum transgender people often get fetishized in low quality smut. The final reason is that a lot of people write what they know, and with me being transgender myself, it just made sense.

It’s the main reasons that I try to portray transgender people in a positive light, and show that they, we, are just people. Often my writing can be brutal, but only because I want my stories to capture the hardships, but also to enstil hope, and awareness to anyone who might read my work who is not in the trans spectrum.

With that, I want to truly welcome you to my little blog on the web. I will try to update as often as I can, being a single parent with two teenage girls my time is limited. I will do my best, thanks again.

Becca C.